Black forest Laminate Care and Maintenance

Black Laminate Flooring is very hygienic and easy to clean.
Simply clean with a soft broom or vacuum cleaner. Footprints and dirt can be removed by wiping the panels lengthwise with a well-wrung, barely moist cloth or micro-fibre mop. A laminate cleaner can be used should the floor be very dirty. Residual moisture should be immediately wiped up. Do not use household cleaners with oil, fat or wax. Stubborn stains (such as paint, tar, nail polish, ink, wine, oil, grease, marker pen, shoe marks etc.) can be removed with alcohol based solutions such as pure acetone. Chocolate, wine, juice and grease can be removed with warm water and a vinegar or alcohol based cleanser.

In particularly dirty areas, such as entrances and hallways, dirt trapping mats should be placed on the floor. Use felt pads on the bottom of furniture and smooth soft-wheeled chair castors made of rubber for the feet of furniture. The wellbeing of the occupants and the preservation of the laminate floor require the maintenance of a healthy climate in the room. The ideal climate is room temperature of 18-24°C and humidity of 35-60%.