Technical Specifications

Multilayer parquet flooring are in conformity with the provisions of the following EC Directive 89/106/EHS, when installed in accordance with the installation instructions and that the standard referenced below have been applied:

EN 14342: 2005 + EN 14342i 2005lACi 2007 wood flooring. Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking

Provisions to which the product conforms:

CharacteristicPerformance declaration
Reaction to fireClass Dfl – s1ITT report No. Z-20l072l08/3501/SB
Emission of FormaldehydeClass E1Test report No. 277166
Content of pentachlorophenol< 5 ppmTest report No. 277166
SlipperinessNPDITT report No. Z-20l072l08/3501/SB
Biological durabilityUse class 1ITT report No. Z-20l072l08/3501/SB





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