Selecting the best flooring for your office


When choosing flooring for you office, consider the following:

  • What is the functionality of the space?
  • Is you office highly trafficked?
  • Is there a need to keep the office quiet?
  • Are you looking for an environmentally friendly/ sustainable floor?
  • Consider the durability of your floor choice
  • What is you available budget
  • Colour, style and overall impression you want to leave.


With an office being a highly trafficked area it is best to choose a floor that can withstand the daily impact, scuffs marks and cleaning.

  • Office Entrance
    People entering and exiting your office bring dirt and damp in on their shoes. Choose FINfloor AC4 Laminates, a hardwood floor covering that’s easy to clean.
  • Office and meeting rooms
    In order to have a peaceful and comfortable office, choose from our wide range of FINFfloor AC4 lamintaes or Trio-loc vinyl tiles with good acoustic properties. Laying a sound barrier like FINFlay underneath the floor will assist in making your work place quieter.
  • Kitchens
    Spills, food and traffic in you office kitchen require flooring that will withstand the moisture and repeated cleaning. Choose a floor with good stain resistance.
  • Bathrooms
    Water damages flooring. Choose Trio-loc lvt for your office bathrooms floor it is 100% waterproof, is easy to clean and not slippery when wet.


Measure the floor area of your office. Decide on a budget. Leave extra budget for additional flooring accessories like FINlay underlay, skirting and resurfacing of current floor (Subfloor) if required.

Subfloor FAQ
What subfloors need to be resurfaced?
• Uneven flooring and tiles with more than 3mm gap between them need to be rescreeded if laying a Vinyl flooring over it.

• Concrete, tiles, stone, marble and wood can all be left as is if installing laminates on top.

• Carpets need to be removed for all new flooring

Environmentally Friendly

FINfloor laminates are environmentally friendly made from renewable resources using wood waste from hardwood forests, which is under strict forest management. FINFloor laminates are Green labelled by the Singapore Environment Council as an eco friendly product.

Colour, style and variety

Create an inviting office environment with the warmth and luxury of natural wood with out the expense. Create a more practical work environment with one of our durable, low maintenance, easy to clean, anti –allergenic FINfloor Laminates or sound absorbent, 100 % waterproof, stain resistant Trio-loc LVT’s.

With the wide variety of colours and species, we have the office floor that expresses your style.