Supreme AC4 – Technical Specifications

Technical Specification – Supreme AC4 Flooring System

Top Surface Melamine Impregnated Decorative Film. Protected by Anti Abrasive Overlay.
Core Material           H.D.F. (High Density Conifer Fibreboard) with an average density > 850 kg/m³
Bottom Surface      Balancing Film.
Thickness 8mm.
Length 1218mm.
Width 198mm.
Fit for use Grading AC4/W32 EN 13329 compliance.
Installation method Interlocking ARC-LOC system (Glueless Installation)
Warranty 15 Years Heavy Domestic5 years General commercial use.

Technical Data





Behavior to impact Load. EN 13329 IC 2 - height of fall 1700 MM is the maximum height without damage (1750 MM Height)
Behavior to Abrasion EN 13329 AT> 4000 Revolutions
Behavior to Scratching ISO 1518 > 25N
Insensitivity of wear layer to stains EN 438.2.15 Rating 5 (no effect).
Porosity Graphite test 1 Grade 1 (Pore-free).
Light fastness/UV resistance EN 438.2.6 Level 6 (Blue Wool Standard)Note: Changes are measured against Blue scale.

Grade 6 = No Change.

Resistant to glowing cigarette ash EN 438.2.18 Degree 5: No Visible Changes.
Formaldehyde Emission E.T.B. Regulation Measured in Permissible P.P.M. Emission.Approved and Test at Quality E 1.
Waste Disposal N/A Residual materials disposable with domestic waste.No Toxic fumes released during thermal disposal.
Fire Classification DIN 4102 Flame-Retardant - B1.
Ignibility DIN 51960 Does Not Ignite Easily.
Smoke Development 0 – Norm B3800/1 Class Q1 – Low smoke developmentAustrian Institute for Floor Covering).
Indentation Test DIN 51955 Residual Indentation 0.0 mm (I.B.A – Koblenz).
Chair Castor Test DIN 54324 No Negative changes when using soft wheel castors Type W (I.B.A. Koblenz)
Susceptibility to Cracking EN 438-2.26 No Cracks Observable. Specimen is Subjected to Large Temperature Change
Simulated pushing of Furniture leg. EN 424 No visible damage.
Thickness swelling test EN 13329 < 18% swelling.