SA Home owner Sept featured home

Finoak – Herringbone

Spacious bedrooms

Black forest – White Elder

Newly refurbished hotel city centre

Sapphire- Smokey Quartz

Renew-it offices

Supreme – Siberian

Beautiful sea-view holiday home

Black forest – Maplewoodmist

Warm and Cosy Private Home

Finoak – Cederberg

Road Lodge renovate with vinyl floors

Diamond Core – Black diamond

Tsogo sun choose Diamond core vinyl

Diamond Core – Matrix Opal

Commercial vinyl flooring for City Lodge

Diamond Core – Matrix Opal

Vinyl flooring for hotel and lodges

Diamond Core – Black diamond

Cape town – Open plan home

Diamond Core – Sunstone

Malvern Heights Commercial vinyl flooring

Diamond Core – Colorado Topaz

Atlantic Seaboard open plan abode

Black forest – Nordic Grey

Office vinyl installation

Diamond Core – Agate

Custom pattern in Midstream

Authentic herringbone

Creative advertising agency

Authentic herringbone – Mixed

New home in Howick

Diamond Core – Agate

Bohemian home Pietermaritzburg

Authentic herringbone – Oak

Family home in Eagle Canyon

AGT Natura line – Meric

Wish commercial installation

Authentic herringbone – Black

Afda trendy loft

Authentic herringbone – Oak

Boutique hotel

Inovar – African Walnut

House O

Black Forest -Oakwood Manor

House OL

Supreme – Autumn Oak

House S

Black Forest – Maplewood Mist

House W

Black Forest – Volcanic Ash

Private nursery school

Black Forest – Maplewood Mist

House L

Black Forest – Grey Frost


Black Forest – Woodland Oak


Finoak – Clear


Black Forest – White Elder


AGT Natura Line – Ilgaz, Volga, Meric

Modern retirement village

Inovar – Caledon

New modern Cape Town residence

Authentic Herringbone – Grey Wash