New at FinFloor is Authentic herringbone laminate flooring. The first of it’s kind in the country. The popular design trend of herringbone is now available in the durable and hypo-allergenic laminate tile option that is quick and easy to install in 10 pattern variations.

Available in 6 unique colours, this “Fit for use AC4/W32 graded” designer laminate is 12mm thick and quieter underfoot with a natural locking painted V-groove.

Authentic herringbone logo

Authentic Herringbone AC4/W32 - V4 Specifications

Size of panel: 606 x 101 x 12mm
Fit for use grading: AC4/W32 – Heavy Domestic/General Commercial Grade
Average board Density greater than 880/890 kg/m3
Thickness swelling test less than 12%
EN13329-2006 compliant
Lifetime guarantee against termites
Warranty: 25 years Heavy Domestic use / 5 years General Commercial use
Recommended coverage: 9 x 12 lin.m in length / width

Authentic Herringbone laminate flooring - Black

Herringbone Black – 1 Strip

Matt wood grain

Sun bleached Oak herringbone

Herringbone Sun bleached oak – 1 Strip

Matt wood grain

Authentic Herringbone laminate flooring - Oak

Herringbone Oak – 1 Strip


Herringbone Walnut – 1 Strip

Matt wood grain

Authentic Herringbone laminate flooring - White

Herringbone White – 1 Strip

Matt wood grain

Herringbone Bleached Beech – 1 Strip

Matt wood grain

Authentic Herringbone Laying patterns

Box contains : 36 pieces
Board Dimensions : 12mm x 101mm x 606mm
Pack Size : 2.203m²
Fit for Use grading : AC4/W32

Two different types of boards are used to lay out the herringbone pattern. These are referred to as A and B boards. N.B. – Please separate A and B panels into 2 separate stacks prior to commencing installation.