Only Finfloor registered dealers can submit warranties, Make sure your dealer supplies you with a warranty on completion of your flooring project

For your reference an Exemplar of our warranty is outlined below

Vinyl warranty card

Thank you for purchasing FINfloor SPC Vinyl flooring, produced with the latest technologies. Its exclusive hybrid composition guarantees you optimal performance in humid and temperate situations where other types of PVC flooring are unadvisable.

You can be assured that this product has been manufactured according to all
applicable international standards and has been subjected to strict quality control procedures before it reaches you. In the unlikely event that you discover any defects on the flooring panels upon opening the carton, please DO NOT INSTALL THEM. Kindly return them to your authorised distributor for a replacement or refund. It is very important to note that this warranty will not cover any defective material that has been installed without prior checking.

Warranty for:

  • Wear/Abrasion Resistance (Conforming to EN660-2:1999/EN549-2011) - Class T.
  • Formaldehyde Emission (Conforming to EN1404:2004+AC: 2006) - Class E1.
  • Colour Fastness to artificial light (Conforming to EN20105:B02 method A) > Grade 6.
  • Fire classification (Conforming to EN13501-1; EN 1404+AC) - Bf1-S1.

Product warranty duration:

  • FINfoor Sapphire SPC - 20 years for Heavy Residential Use, 10 years for Light Commercial use
  • FINfoor Diamond Core SPC - 30 years for Heavy Residential Use, 10 years for General Commercial use
  • FINfoor Diamond Tile SPC - 30 years for Heavy Residential Use, 10 years for General Commercial use
  • Designer Collection Reflections by Nature SPC - 20 years for Heavy Residential Use, 10 years for Light Commercial use
  • Designer Collection Highlight by Nature - 30 years for Heavy Residential Use, 10 years for General Commercial use

Wear Resistance

For claims on surface wear-through, an area on the floor panel is considered worn-through only if the worn-through area is more than lcm²/0.16sq inch and the decorative layer has been exhausted until the core material is visible. Claims for surface wear-through are unacceptable if the surface wear-through occurs at the edges/joints of the panel. Gloss reduction is not considered surface wear-through for the purposes of this warranty.

Stain Resistance

FINfloor SPC Vinyl flooring is resistant to normal household stains on the decorative surface.

Fade Resistance

FINfloor  SPC Vinyl flooring is resistant to fading from exposure to indirect sunlight or normal artificial light conforming to EN20105:B02 method A test, with the exception of natural ageing. Please note: to ensure that your SPC Vinyl floor product provides you with the optimal performance it is important to adhere to the following:

Pre-installation subfloor requirements:

All Subfloors must be:

  • Dry
  • Structurally sound
  • Clean: Thoroughly swept and free of all debris
  • Level: Flat to 4.7mm per 3.3 meters radius

Wood subfloors must be dry and well secured. Nail or screw every 15cm along joists to avoid squeaking. If not level, sand down high spots and fill low spots with a levelling patch. Make sure all crawl spaces are open & have proper ventilation.

Concrete subfloors must be fully cured, at least 60 days old, and should have a painted or 200 micron polyethylene vapour barrier between concrete and ground. Subfloor should be flat and level within 4.7mm per 3.3 meters. If necessary grind high spots down and level low spots with a levelling compound.

Ceramic Tile, resilient tile and sheet vinyl must be well bonded to subfloor, in good condition, clean and level. Do not sand existing vinyl floors, as they may contain asbestos.

Warranty Exclusions:

  1. Correct expansion gaps – Must be provided around all fixed objects (door frames, walls, door stops, Trellis door, etc.)

  2. Do not glue or silicone your profiles down - use a base track, or a drill down profiles.

  3. Do not use filler or silicone around door frames or under skirting - you should be able to slide, unencumbered, a 0.10mm feeler gauge between the floor and the finishing profiles/skirting/quarter round.

  4. Acclimatise flooring – is recommended for 24 hours prior to installing & boxes must be stacked in the installation area in a horizontal position and be off the concrete by at least 16mm.

  5. Seal concrete/screed with a moisture barrier – is recommended. This can either be a 200 micron DPC layer or painted system.

  6. The sub floor – must be level and be within 4.7mm per 3.3lin.m radius, without dips, high points or sharp edges, holes or any ridges.

Under no circumstances will this warranty cover damages caused by and/or in the following situations:

  • Accidents, abuse or misuse of the floor: e.g. surface damage caused by dropping/dragging sharp or heavy objects.
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures e.g. incorrect underfloor heating setting/operation, No protection from direct sunlight in excess of 50°C.
  • No under carpet heaters are acceptable for use under the flooring panels. The elements must be imbedded in at least 10mm of screed, Please refer to your installer for detailed operational/usage specifications.
  • Installation of product with visible manufacturing defects.
  • The floor was not installed according to the manufacturer’s recommended instructions. The installation instruction is located on the packaging. N.B. Preferred installation temperature should be between 18-30°C.
  • The floor was not maintained or used properly according to the recommended usage or maintenance procedures e.g. floor cleaning with abrasive pads, industrial solvents, the use of steamer mops etc.
  • Flooring is installed on top of a wet/moist sub-floor outside the allowable specification (3%/dry reading on moisture meter), refer to the packaging for clarity. Sub-Floor level variation, roughness, holes, grouting lines etc. Please refer to installation instructions for clarity.
  • Fading caused by direct ultraviolet radiation from direct sunlight exposure.
  • If an expansion joint profile is not used in an area greater than 15lin.m in the direction of length of the individual flooring planks and 20lin.m on width direction for Diamond core, 10lin.m x 15 lin.m for Sapphire SPC flooring, and 10 lin.m x 20 lin.m for SPC tile, when in an uncontrolled environment, when in an uncontrolled environment.
  • Floor is pinned/trapped down in anyway, thus preventing the normal expansion/contraction of the product to cope with climatic changes, e.g.
    silicone floor finishing profiles, filler around doorways/between floor & skirting.
  • lf installed on top/over stuck down to existing Parquet block or solid wood flooring or on top of old or existing carpets or underlay.
  • Office chairs must be fitted with soft wheels/castors or if nylon castors are being used, use protective mats/felt pads underneath the chair.
  • Flooring panels used in places where the traffic exceeds the utility class that is recommended.
  • Surface defects that can only be seen from an angle source of light.
  • Flooring panels damaged during renovation work by others.

Vinyl claim procedure

In order to provide any remedies for a defective product, you agree to Cooperate in providing information as required by us regarding the product, including detailing how the product is defective and any other information as we reasonably may require. In the event that the Consumer Protection Act, 2008 (“the CPA”) applies to the transaction in respect of which the warranty is being invoked (i.e. a transaction not excluded from the CPA by operation of Chapter 1, Part B thereof) then an alleged defect must be reported to us or our authorised distributor within 180 (one hundred and eighty) days from the date of purchase of the product and the remedies in the event of a product being found to be defective shall be one of the following, at your election:

  • refund; or
  • repair; or
  • replacement

The provisions of the CPA shall have no application after the expiry of the above mentioned 180 (one hundred and eighty) day period and thereafter our warranty commitments as defined in this warranty card shall be the sole conditions applicable to a defective product.

Please note that in all cases of claims for defective products only the quantity of the product found to be defective shall be the subject of the appropriate warranty action. In the event that we find that a product which is the subject of any warranty claim (whether under the CPA or not) has been abused, or misused, or neglected, or subjected to inadequate or improper handling or installation, or has been modified in any way, or is the subject of normal ‘wear and tear’, We may in our sole discretion elect not to refund, repair or replace the product. In the event of any claim falling outside the CPA, then the defect must be reported in writing to our authorised distributor or us within no more than 14 (fourteen) days of the discovery of the defect. After the expiry of the above mentioned 14 (fourteen) day period, no further complaints will be accepted, A duly dated and stamped invoice and a copy of the warranty card must be submitted at that time. In the event of any warranty claim, our authorised personnel must be accorded every opportunity, where applicable, to inspect the claimed product in situ and the product must be kept in its current condition for the purposes of such inspection.


In the case where a claim is accepted and the CPA is not applicable, it will be at the sole discretion of the supplier and/or us to either repair the product or offer replacement product of the same or similar quantity, quality and design or colour, insofar as the same is possible. The product warranty does not cover any labour cost or accessories associated with replacement of damaged material covered by the warranty. Consequential losses and any other costs whatsoever are not covered by the warranty.

The services provided as part of this warranty do not extend the original warranty period.

The warranty is of diminishing value in the sense that it takes account of Loss of value resulting from use: 1/30, 1/20 or 1/10 per annum. It is not transferable and will apply to the first buyer only. It is not transferable and will apply to the first buyer only.


Vinyl Maintenance and Care

Please follow the simple steps below for proper guidelines.

Inspection: Prior to installation, inspect planks in daylight for visible faults/damage. Check if subfloor/site conditions comply with the specifications described in these instructions. If you are not satisfied do not install, and contact your supplier.

Before laying: Measure the room at right angle to the direction of the planks. For best visual effect, planks in the final row should be at least 50mm wide (minimum), or half width of plank. For this purpose, planks in the first row can be cut to smaller size. Shuffle planks in order to obtain a pleasant blend of shades. Lay planks preferably following the direction of the main source of light. We recommend laying on wooden floors crossways (ensure there is sufficient cross ventilation running under the existing wooden floor) to the existing floorboard. Planks must not be nailed or screwed to the subfloor. Baseboards and moulding must not be fixed in a way which restricts the movement of the floor.

Warning: Heating mats work very well under carpet, tile and stone; however, we do not recommend placing them directly underneath the SPC Vinyl floor. It is best to install Vinyl flooring over embedded floor heating systems. Refer to manufacturer/distributor for installation & operating instructions.

Protection and Maintenance of your floor
Lasting beauty can be achieved through purchasing a quality floor covering and providing proper on-going maintenance. Please follow the recommendations in the guide below to retain the fresh look and protect your floor finish.

Maintenance and Care

  • After installation, we recommend a first cleaning to remove any loose dirt or debris that may have been caused during installation. Also, in order to protect the floor surface from walked in abrasive dirt and debris we recommend the use of an effective barrier system to limit the amount of moisture, dirt and grit that may enter the area, by using a good walk on/off mat
  • Please check any new cleaning agent on a small test patch of the floor in an inconspicuous area
  • Avoid using harsh cleaners or any cleaner with an ammonia base
  • Furniture should be moved onto the newly installed floor using an appliance hand truck over hardboard runways, or pulled on towels/blankets into position and be ÿtted with felt pads to protect your flooring surface
  • Avoid exposure to long periods of direct sunlight. Close blinds or drapes during peak sunlight hours. Floor covering subjected to excessive heat and light is subject to thermal degradation. Use appropriate precautions to protect the floor
  • Extreme temperature should be maintained between -3° to 50°C. DO NOT exceed these parameters
  • Some natural ventilation or intermittent air conditioning in vacant or holiday homes should be considered
  • Oil or petroleum-based products can result in surface staining. Do not track asphalt-driveway sealer or automobile-oil drips onto the vinyl floor covering
  • Use non-staining mats. Rubber will discolour the floor or cause it to turn yellow
  • Frequently moved furniture should be equipped with felt pads to avoid scratching the floor. Heavy furniture and appliances should be equipped with non-staining large surface floor protectors. Furniture with castors or wheels must be easy swiveling, large surface non-staining and suitable for resilient floors. Do NOT use ball type castors as they can damage the floor. For office chairs soft-wheeled castors must be used
  • Use floor felt protectors under furniture
  • Do not allow pets with unclipped nails to damage your flooring. It may result in severe scratching to the surface. The same is true for any high/stiletto heeled shoes that do not have proper tips on the heels
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor regularly to remove loose dirt. DO NOT use vacuums that use a beater bar or turn beater bar off
  • Do NOT use electric brooms with hard plastic bottoms with no padding. Clean up spills immediately
  • Micro mop (damp) as needed using clean water and a diluted floor cleaner
  • DO NOT use harsh cleaners or chemicals on the floor
  • DO NOT use abrasive scrubbing tools
  • DO NOT use detergents, abrasive cleaners or “mop and shine” products
  • Vinyl Flooring, like other types of smooth floors, may become slippery when wet. Allow time for floor to dry after washing. Immediately wipe up wet areas from spills, foreign substances or wet feet
  • If your floor has been exposed to excessive amounts of water due to flooding, do not panic, Diamond Core is waterproof. Simply remove the water as quickly as possible. A de-humidifier should be promptly turned on in the room to reduce the moisture levels back to normal. Do not dry the room to below the normal moisture level that existed previously