Oak hardwood flooring Technical Specs

FinOak, Oak hardwood flooring is a natural product manufactured from trees. The colour and tone on each board varies and is not consistent from plank to plank.

To preserve the look and beauty or your FinOak hardwood floor, sweep your floor regularly. Clean occasionally with a hardwood floor cleaner and make sure you wipe up all spills immediately.

Provisions to which FinOak conforms:

Characteristic Standard
Test Data Result
Reaction to fire GB8624-2012 B1 Pass
Emission of Formaldehyde GBT-17657 (E1<1.5mg/L) 0.8mg/L Pass
Core Density EN 436 930kgs/m3 Pass
Stability test ASTM F2199 0.2% Pass
Curling test ASTM F2199 -1.0mm Pass
Curling test ASTM F2199 -1.0mm Pass


Download the FinOak 10mm Technical Specifications PDF