With Black Friday only 1 week away, we have decided to offer you more and make it BLACK-5-DAYS. For 5 days only we are offering all our dealers the following fantastic Finfloor specials.

Available to the Finfloor distributor network only! E- mail sasha@finfloor.co.za for the Black-5-day pricelist.

Stock on Special this week

Black Forest   SQM Available
Silver Elm  1950
Elder White  1350
Brownstone  1500
Oakwood Manor 3500
Glacier 1500
Grey Frost 1500
Woodland Oak 2500
Nordic Grey 3500
Stone House ** 560
Volcanic Ash ** 160
Snowfall white ** 130
Supreme laminate  SQM Available
Tundra – AC3/W31 (Square Edge) 1060
Granite – AC3/W31 (Square Edge) 1060
Café Latte – AC3/W31 (Square Edge) 1160
Asphalt – AC3/W31 (Square Edge) 1140
Light Oak – AC3/W31 (Square Edge)  980
Helena Oak – AC3/W31 (Square edge) 1330
Classic Oak – AC3/W31 (Square edge) 1490
Wheat – AC3/W31 (Square edge)  1700
White spruce- AC3/W31 (Square edge)  1000
Yellow gum – AC3/W31 (Square edge)  250
Inovar Laminates, AC4/W32  SQM Available
Oregon Pine – AC4/W32 (Square Edge)  480
Umgeni – AC4/W32 (Square Edge)  510
Buffalo- AC4/W32 (V-groove) 690
Tugela – AC4/W32 (V-groove) 740
Honey Oak – AC4/W32 (V-Groove) 1760
Royal Oak – AC4/W32 (V-Groove) 2130
Athens Oak – AC4/W32 (V-Groove) 780
Grey Bark – AC4/W32 (V-Groove) 1440
Coffee Tree – AC4/W32 (V-Groove) 1070
African Walnut – AC4/W32 (V-Groove) 880
 Wooden flooring Price
Chevron Oak Rustic (240mm) 22/6mmT&G 158sqm 
Woodline Antique Mackenna 1 strip (240mm) 56sqm 
Antique Watzmann  1Strip (190mm) 51sqm 
Unfinished Smoked Oak Rustic 1Strip (190mm) 161sqm 
Woodline Antique Oak Rocky 1Strip (190mm) 26sqm 
Woodline Walnut 1Strip (145mm) 1,58sqm 63sqm 
Woodline Walnut 1Strip (145mm) 1,06sqm 11sqm 
Woodline Braz Cherry  (Brown) 1 Strip 1,58sqm 17sqm 
Woodline Braz Cherry  (Brown) 1 Strip 1,474sqm 16sqm 
FINoak 14/3mm 190mm, brushed, rustic 1 Strip(stained Rubio Monocoat Castle Brown) 41sqm 
FINoak 14/3mm 190mm, brushed, rustic 1 Strip (stained rubio monocoat 50% white and 50% sky grey) 50sqm 
 Vinyl Flooring Price
Trio-loc LVT vinyl 4.2mm 0.3mm Wear Layer (Namib) 350sqm 
Symphony EVP Vinyl 0.5mm Wear Layer (Sonoroan) 920sqm 
Symphony EVP Vinyl 0.5mm Wear Layer (Sinai) 199sqm 
Symphony EVP Vinyl 0.5mm Wear Layer (Tunami) 238sqm 

Terms and Conditions

  • Order must be placed and paid for on or before Friday 23 November 2018.
  • Orders must be taken by the latest 30th November 2018.
  • Only valid while stocks last.
  • No additional discounts, returns or credits will be accepted on Black Friday purchases.
  • Discounts available for one week only. 19-23 November 2018.
  • Cash Clients to pay in full beforehand or on Black Friday.
  • EFT Orders will only be released once payment is reflecting and cleared in our bank account.