Due to popular demand we will once again be running our black 5-day specials at the end of November. For 5 days only, we are offering you these fantastic Finfloor specials:

Available to the Finfloor distributor network only! E- mail sasha@finfloor.co.za for the Black-5-day pricelist.

Stock on Special

Product Description: QTY: Boxes
AGT Bella Laminate AC3 Square Edge – All colours  https://stock.finfloor.co.za/
Sapphire SPC 5,5mm 0,5mm Wear layer – All Colours  https://stock.finfloor.co.za/
Authentic Laminate Herringbone 12mm AC4-V4 – All colours  https://stock.finfloor.co.za/
Supreme Light Oak AC3 Square Edge  https://stock.finfloor.co.za/
Supreme Tundra AC3 Square Edge  https://stock.finfloor.co.za/
Supreme Wheat AC3 Square Edge  https://stock.finfloor.co.za/
Supreme Classic Oak AC3 Square Edge https://stock.finfloor.co.za/
Supreme Kahlua Oak AC3 Square Edge  https://stock.finfloor.co.za/
Supreme Yellow Gum AC3 Square Edge 8
Supreme Smoked Oak AC3 Square Edge  41
Supreme White Spruce AC3 Square Edge  28
Supreme Grey Ice AC3 Square Edge  34
Supreme Royal Oak AC4-V4 399
Inovar Coffee Tree – waxed – AC4-V4 https://stock.finfloor.co.za/
Inovar Blanc Maple – waxed – AC4-V4 https://stock.finfloor.co.za/
Inovar Honey Oak- waxed – AC4-V4 https://stock.finfloor.co.za/
Inovar Royal Oak – waxed – AC4-V4 https://stock.finfloor.co.za/
Inovar Tugela  – waxed – AC4-V4 https://stock.finfloor.co.za/
Black forest Stone House AC4-V4 33
Black Forest Volcanic Ash AC4-V4 15
Black forest Silver Elm AC4-V4 https://stock.finfloor.co.za/
Black Forest Glacier AC4-V4 https://stock.finfloor.co.za/
Black Forest Grey Frost  AC4-V4 https://stock.finfloor.co.za/
Black Forest Brownstone AC4-V4 https://stock.finfloor.co.za/
Trioloc Namib  LVT Vinyl 4.2mm 0,3mm Wear Layer  44
Diamondcore Colorado Topaz – 5,5mm 0,5mm Wear Layer  (1220x184x5.5mm) 7
Woodline Parquetry – Watzmann Oak  Rustic 1Strip (190mm)  12
Woodline Parquetry  – Brazilian Cherry Short Planks 1 Strip (145mm) 8
Woodline Parquetry Unfinished Smoked Oak Rustic 1Strip (190mm)  7
Woodline Parquetry – Walnut 1S (1.06 sqm)  Short Box 1 Strip (145mm) 5

Terms and Conditions

  • Order must be placed and paid for on or before Friday 29 November 2019
  • Orders must be taken by the latest 29 November – no stock will be held for future collection/delivery .
  • While stocks last – note that stock cannot be reserved for Black Friday, it must be paid for and received immediately
  • No additional discounts, returns or credits will be accepted on Black Friday purchases.
  • Discounts available for one week only
  • Applicable transport costs remain the same 
  • Cash Clients to pay in full before Black Friday and before stock is released
  • If paying via EFT,orders will only be released once payment is reflecting and cleared in our Finfloor’s bank account.