Ideal laminate flooring for your home

When choosing flooring for your home it is important to chose flooring that suits your lifestyle and expresses you style, so before choosing a floor consider the following questions.

• What room are you flooring
• What is this room used for
• How much water will the floor be in contact with on a regular basis
• What is my budget

Finfloor offers a wide range of options so choosing a floor that expresses your style will be a breeze.

Laminate flooring - decorative and wood

Made from forest waste wood chips, decorative laminates come in any colour, size and finish you can imagine. A photography of any variety of wood is printed on resin infused paper and bonded to the surface and is therefore a much cheeper option than solid wood flooring. Finfloor offer a range of laminates that are durable, scratch resistant and easy to install.

Vinyl flooring

We offer a range of very durable and 100 % waterproof vinyl floor covering that have the appeal of natural wood and are soft and quiet underfoot. Wood can not make an appearance in places previous out of bounds, Like bathrooms and saunas.

Solid Wood flooring

Our luxury range of Solid engineered wooden floors, Woodline Parquetry is made up of 3 layers of wood sandwiched together with a veneer of the tropical species on the top layer. Engineered wooden flooring are environmentally friendly as the core is made from recycled rubber wood, and the thinner tropical species sourced legally means less precious hardwoods need to harvested for your floors. Solid wood flooring greatest weakness is deep scratches and dents can ruin the planks.