FinFloor Laminate Flooring

FinFloor Laminate Flooring are designed to be installed quickly but to last a lifetime. FinFloor’s unique glue-less system ensures ease of installation using an interlocking system, which seals and strengthens the joints. Owing to a superior water resistant core impregnated with coreguard, sealed with wax guard along the joints and melamine impregnated decorative layer, FinFloor is up to 5 times more water resistant than other types of high-density fiberboard (HDF).

AC4/W32 - V4

1216 x 196 x 8.2mm, with a painted V-groove on 4 sides, Tropical HDF fiberboard core and a lifetime guarantee against termites.
Warranty: 25 years Heavy Domestic use / 5 years Moderate Commercial use

Finfloor Yellow Gum 1 strip
Yellow Gum 1 strip, Matt wood grain texture
Finfloor White Spruce
White Spruce 1 strip, Cross cut matt wood grain
Finfloor Coffee Tree 1 strip
Coffee Tree 1 strip, Hand scraped EIR
Finfloor African Walnut 1 strip
African Walnut 1 strip, Hand scraped EIR


Technical Information


Green Policy

FinFloor Laminates employ raw materials from renewable resources under strict management of international forestry boards. Wood waste from these controlled hard wood plantations are used to create the substrate. The product is more eco-friendly owing to the fact that no wood is sourced from natural forests, thus no damage is done to any of those sensitive ecosystems.
The design layer is created using an innovative technical process, which replicates a true-to-life match of the grain of the original timber, but without exploiting our natural forests.
Download Finfloor Green Policy PDF