Diamond Core SPC

Vinyl flooring is widely available in South Africa, but people need to make sure they are purchasing the best quality for their budget, and that their flooring comes with a quality guarantee. Eco-conscious consumers also need to look into the environmental impact of the flooring that they choose to install.

Finfloor have just released a new range of vinyl tile called Diamond Core SPC that is manufactured with a rigid stone plastic composite (SPC) core. The rigid core is manufactured with calcium-carbonate-stone dust core for a better performing vinyl tile.

SPC Rigid vinyl flooring is at least 50% better than traditional luxury vinyl tiles in physical performance owing to improvements in the dimensional stability, which is now four-times better. The new product is also much more stable under increasing temperatures of up to 60 degrees.

What is SPC flooring?

SPC flooring is the new generation of luxury vinyl tiles, working similarly to laminate flooring as a floating system independent of the sub-floor which uses a tongue and groove system to ensure the stability of the floor unit. Since the floor remains separate to the sub-floor, it can be installed on many different types of floor bases, for example, concrete or ceramic flooring. The basic material is a stone-plastic composite, making SPC flooring incredibly strong, and the product is formaldehyde free, making for a completely safe flooring solution for both residential and public environments.

Engineered vinyl Plank Flooring

1217 x 178 x 5.5mm planks with a 0.5mm wear layer and an Antique wood texture with a 4 sided micro-bevel
Warranty: 30 years Heavy Domestic / 10 years General Commercial Use

Sonoran Engineered Vinyl Plank
Sonoran 1 strip
Mojave Engineered vinyl plank flooring
Mojave 1 strip
Sinai EVP Flooring
Sinai 1 strip
Tunami Symphony EVP
Tunami 1 strip
Colorado Engineered Vinyl Plank
Colorado 1 strip


Technical Information


Green Policy

The materials used in the manufacture of Finfloor Symphony EVP (Engineered Vinyl Panels) are environmentally friendly and 100 % recyclable. They do not harm people or the environment because they contain no radio active elements or formaldehyde as they meet all EN, DIBt, Floorscore & ASTM standards for VOC emissions

The UV coating is environmentally friendly, the 100% pvc wear layer in non-toxic and harmless to humans and the environment. the pigment in the colour film is environmentally friendly and the plasticizer used (DOTP) meets all EN, FloorScore, DBIt & ASTM standards for not harming animals and humans. The production technology used is hot pressing and is environmentally friendly as no glues are used. Easy installations with click system uses no glue. Finfloor Symphony EVP(Engineered Vinyl Panels) is the safe option for your family and our planet.
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