Trio-Loc Vinyl Flooring

Trio-Loc Vinyl Flooring is extremely water resistant and can be used throughout the home, even in rooms with high moisture content that were previously out of bounds to wooden flooring. Now you can incorporate the beautiful natural grain of wood in bathrooms and laundry rooms without the risk of damaging the wood. Working on a free floating floor with a licensed Unilin Click system, the easy installation requires little or no preparation to the subfloor and can be installed on almost any hard level surface.

TRIO-Loc Vinyl Flooring is easily maintained and no speciality cleaning is required, a simple damp cloth is recommended. These tiles have also been tested by DIBT Europe (Germany), which certifies a low level of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions – the product has been specifically designed to provide you with good indoor air quality (IAQ) at home or work. Vinyl Tiles can be 100% recycled at the end of their long lifespan.

4.2mm LVT - Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring

1220 x 228 x 4.2mm planks with a 0.3mm wear layer and a deep emboss PUR surface treatment with cross weave fibre glass technology that is incorporated into each plank for superb dimensional stability.
Warranty: 25 years heavy domestic / 5 years general commercial use

LVT - luxury vinyl tile flooring Antarctic
Antarctic 1 strip
TRIO-Loc vinyl flooring Arctic
Arctic 1 strip
4.2mm LVT Gobi
Gobi 1 strip
TRIO-Loc vinyl flooring Kalahari
Kalahari 1 strip
TRIO-Loc vinyl flooring Karoo
Karoo 1 strip
TRIO-Loc vinyl flooring Arctic Namib
Namib 1 strip
TRIO-Loc vinyl flooring Arctic Pampas
Pampas 1 strip


Technical Information


The Trio-Loc Vinyl Flooring Green Policy

The materials used in the production of Trio-Loc Luxury Vinyl Tiles are environmentally friendly and
100 % recyclable. They contain no radio-active elements and no formaldehyde making them harmless to the environment and people. The VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions from Trio-Loc Tiles comply to the EN (European Norm) and DIBt (Germany) standards and contribute to good indoor air quality achieving an A+ rating.

The material used in Trio-Loc’s UV coat, as well as the pigments used in the production of the colour film and the 100% PVC wear resistant layer are non-toxic and harmless to the environment and people. A DOTP plasticizer is used and meets EN standards resulting in no harm to humans and animals. Hot pressing production technology is used to manufacture the planks and is environmentally friendly as no harmful glues are used in the process.

Trio-Loc meets stringent EN environmental regulations, proving that a good product can also be environmentally friendly at the same time.

Download Trio-Loc Green Policy