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The Building Material of Our Age

"The Smile" is an experimental building - part pavilion, part sculpture - designed to showcase the structural and spatial potential of a material that could transform the way architects and engineers approach timber construction.With the rapid rate of global urbanisation and industrialisation in the past few centuries, majority of people are now living in cities...
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Free product training

We're offering free product training to all industry professional in Johannesburg at our new Finfloor premises situated in Sandton.


Date: Tuesday 4-7 October Times: 10am – 3pm Daily Address: Unit 2B, Olympia street Sandton.

Please see below the outline of each day training below. Note: Each day will be treated as a separate module and therefore you...

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10 reasons to buy Finfloor Laminates

  1. FINfloor™ products are surfaced with Anti-abrasive protective overlay, for improved scratch, chip and dent resistance.
  2. FINfloor™ planks with a Wax impregnated core offers greater water resistance
  3. FINfloor™ products are backed with a balancing film for added dimensional stability.
  4. FINfloor™ products have...
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