Next Evolution in Vinyl Flooring has landed: Galaxy ll and Aurora ll

Aurora glue down vinyl Electra

At FINfloor SA, we’re proud to usher in a new era of innovation in vinyl flooring. Our latest offering, the re-engineered Galaxy ll and Aurora ll Glue-Down Series, is a testament to our commitment to excellence and response to the markets every changing design requirements. Let’s dive into the features that make this collection a popular choice in the industry.

  • Elevating Precision and Longevity : Virgin Hot Pressed Planks

Traditionally, vinyl flooring has been manufactured through the extrusion method, but we’ve taken a leap forward by adopting hot press technology. Still manufactured from virgin materials this method allows for a level of precision in crafting each plank, ensuring robust construction resulting in a resilient flooring solution to meet the industry expectations.

  • SUPER UV Coating : Durability and Extended Warranty

What truly distinguishes our Glue-Down ranges is the incorporation of our improved SUPER UV coating that is now applied to both the Aurora ll and Galaxy ll range. This cutting-edge technology offers a level of protection that goes beyond the surface, guarding against wear and resisting fading caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. Say goodbye to concerns about your flooring losing its lustre over time—our SUPER UV coating ensures a lasting, vibrant appearance and the Galaxy ll ranges now offers an extended lifetime domestic warranty, 10 year commercial warranty on the range.

  • Endless Style Possibilities: Larger Planks in New Decor Colours

Your design aspirations are unique, and so should be your flooring. The New Galaxy ll Glue-Down Series is available in longer 1526mm, wider 230mm planks and both ranges offer a palette of new decor colours, allowing you to express your individuality. From timeless classics to on-trend Oak hues, find the perfect shade to complement your vision and elevate your spaces.

  • Surface Finishes Refined: Natural Wood Embossed Textures with Plank Refined Detailing

The devil is in the details, and our commitment to perfection extends to the surface finishes of the Aurora ll and Galaxy ll Glue-Down vinyl Ranges. Experience unmatched elegance as you run your fingers over surfaces that are not just beautiful but also refined to perfection, with either an Wood embossed texture or EIR (Embossed in register) finish that replicates the feel and grains of real wood textures. Each plank is finished with either a micro-bevel or painted bevelled edge to further enhance the real wood laying pattern of the installed floor. 

  • Seamless Installation

A glue-down application ensures a seamless process, creating a uniform look that leaves a lasting impact. Install glue down vinyl floors across large open spaces with no required expansion gaps.


Aurora ii and Galaxy ii VINYL FLOORS - Side By SIde comparison

Aurora ll glue down vinyl flooring cross section

Aurora ll

Plank width: Wide 228mm
Plank length: 1220mm
Thickness: 2mm
Wear-layer: 0.3mm
Made from virgin material
4-sided Micro-bevel
Glue-down installation
100% topically waterproof
100% Phthalate free
SUPER UV coating: scratch and fade resistant
Warranty: 25 year residential / 5 year commercial










Aurora ll and galaxy ll certifications
Galaxy ll cross section

Galaxy ll

Plank width: Wide 230mm
Plank length: Ultra Long 1526mm
Thickness: 2.5mm
Wear-layer: 0.5mm
Made from virgin material
4-sided painted micro-bevel
Glue-down installation
100% topically waterproof
100% Phthalate free
SUPER UV coating: scratch and fade resistant
Warranty: life-time residential / 10 year commercial








Galaxy Fit for use


Aurora ll and galaxy ll certifications

Step into the future of flooring with the Aurora ll and Galaxy ll Glue-Down Vinyl range from. Redefine your spaces, indulge in style, and experience the durability that only Super UV technology can deliver.

For more information, reach out to us. Your floors deserve the best, and so do you.

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