Supreme laminate flooring is the architect’s choice for affordable laminate flooring that is made from high-density Conifer fibre board with an average core density that is greater than 850kg/m3. All Supreme laminate flooring is hypo-allergenic and does not contribute to the growth of dust mites. Is environmentally friendly, low maintenance and easy to clean, the perfect flooring solution for your home and office.

Supreme AC3/W31 – Square edge Specifications:

Size of panel: 1216 x 196 x 8mm
Fit for use grading: AC3/W31 – Heavy domestic/moderate commercial grade
8mm HDF core with and average board density >850kg/m3 and a low <15% swell rate
EN13329 Compliant
Wood grain finish, Square edge
Valinge 2G locking system
Warranty: 10 years Heavy Domestic use / 5 years Moderate Commercial use

Classic Oak – 1 Strip

Wood grain

Sandalwood – 1 Strip

Wood grain

Helena Oak – 1 Strip

Wood grain

Kahlua Oak – 1 Strip

Wood grain

Wheat – 1 Strip

Wood grain

Light Oak – 1 Strip

Medium emboss

Cafe Latte – 1 Strip

Embossed in register

Autumn Oak – 1 Strip

Low gloss cross cut

Asphalt laminate flooring

Asphalt – 1 Strip

Wood grain

Siberian – 1 Strip

Wood grain

Inovar Tundra

Tundra – 1 Strip

Wood grain

Granite greige laminate flooring

Granite – 1 Strip

Wood grain