Antibacterial laminate flooring

With the safety of our loved ones and keeping germs & bacteria at bay in [...]

Holiday homes and the greenhouse effect on flooring

Hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring is a popular choice for homeowners across SA. These flooring [...]

Projects showcasing the versatility of FINOAK wooden flooring

Finfloor offer a variety of hardwood floors, wall and ceiling solutions. Whether you are using [...]

Container homes and conversions

As container homes become increasingly popular, we check in with Insta-space one of Souths Africa’s [...]

How to claim for damaged stock

What to do do if my stock is damaged in transit, or some of the [...]

New Bella Defne has arrived

Laminate wood look floors bring naturalness, warmth and comfort into every environment, which is why [...]

Maintenance Instruction on Finoak pre-finished flooring

You have purchased a high quality wooden floor with a formaldehyde free, lacquered finish, which [...]

Underfloor heating and requirements

Engineered timber flooring can be used with underfloor heating under specific and specialised conditions. Both [...]

The importance of maintaining your wooden floor through winter

As we all know winter in the highveld can be especially dry. Your skin starts [...]

Let nature into your home, with the affordable luxury of Effect.

Bridging the gap between the luxury 12mm laminate floors and the more affordable 8mm laminate [...]

Redesigned Supreme V4

With the ever popular demand for an affordable quality laminate flooring that performs well in [...]

Operating as a supplier to essential services

Finfloor SA will be operating as a supplier to essential services and will be happy [...]

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