Good to great series

Good to great series on flooring installation tips

‘Good to Great Series’, focuses on floating floors and their installation. We share useful tips and best practice advice to take your flooring installation work to the next level.

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First video in our ‘Good to Great Series’, which focuses on floating floors and their installation.

Useful tips on how to use underlays in your floating floor installation. We cover types of moisture barriers, and how to choose the right ones, plus practical tips on acoustic underlays.


Work through some critical installation considerations for floating floors and their freedom of movement. This includes expansion gaps, cutting door frames, detailing and more.


Explore best practice on undercutting door frames, both wood and steel, and gets to do so with a must-have Festool oscillating multi-tool. 


Work through key success factors for finishing a floor impeccably – your trims. Find out how not to go about your trim installation. 


Practical tips and best practice on how to clean and maintain your floating floors. This is essential to prolong the lifespan and appearance of floating floors, especially laminated floors. 

Tips and must-do steps in assessing substrate moisture on a job site. Floors fail when this critical element is not taken care of and, not following the right installation process, can void your customer’s warranty.

Essential best practice for floor installations – floor acclimation. Here we outline some key considerations for each main flooring category and recommends having an in-depth understanding of every supplier’s required installation practices.

Unpack critical considerations for your substrate assessment and preparation when installing glue down vinyls.

Walk through nine key stages of the ultimate site preparation – critical for LVT and LVP installations. This training episode is essential for all installers to master the foundation of floor installation.

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