Vinyl floor Maintenance

vinyl maintenance

The Finfloor Warranty

Finfloor offers all its customers of domestic flooring a 20-30year warranty on the floorboards and flooring for commercial use comes with a 5-10year warranty. This warranty is subject to proper installation by an accredited installer and the correct ongoing vinyl care and maintenance.

In order to validate your warranty, you need to received a completed online warranty form that comes with your purchase from your installer and follow the care and maintenance instructions outlined below.

Cleaning and care instructions for Diamond Core and Sapphire in residential use

You can achieve long-lasting beauty in your home by purchasing a high-quality floor and giving it the proper on-going maintenance. Follow the recommendations below to maintain the natural look and protect the beauty of the floor finish.

Safety Measures:

Most every day dirt can be controlled by using adequately sized walk-on-off entrance matts. E.g. (Dirt Trapper) Matts must be large enough that both feet have to cross over it, not be able to step over and be placed on the entrances and exit outside the flooring installation.

Any chairs with defective glides, unsuitable castors must be avoided, chairs/furniture with suitable glides and Type W castors are strongly recommended.

Cleaning after building construction work:

Newly installed flooring must be thoroughly cleaned after any construction work has been done, before using the floor for the 1st time, to remove the fine dust/dirt residue.

Use a good vacuum cleaner to remove any loose surface dust 1st, then dilute a good cleaning product, e.g. Citrus Gel and thoroughly clean the floor with a very well wrung out micro mop, using a 2 stage process, i.e. First use the a clean cloth, micro mop to apply the cleaning solution, then wipe off using clean water and remove all the liquid, DO NOT ALLOW liquid to pool.

Maintenance cleaning:

Normal vinyl care and maintenance will include:

  • Removal of any loose dust – with a vacuum cleaner (Beater bar disconnected) or slightly damp micro mop.
  • Any lingering/hard to remove dirt, dilute your maintenance cleaner ( can be Citrus Gel or a PU cleaner) and wipe the floor with a suitable well wrung out Micro mop.

Removing Stains and rubber heel marks:

These stubborn stains can be removed from small areas using suitable stain removers (diluted Citrus Gel or PU cleaner), with a cloth or a non-scratch pad. Then wipe over with clean water.

Where possible always try to remove all stains immediately, as various types of stains accumulate with age and cake up and can only be removed with difficulty or by using a nylon scrubbing brush.

Thorough cleaning:

This can be done using a diluted cleaner (Citrus Gel) in a spray bottle applicator, spray over the floor surface and leave for +/-5 minutes, do not allow to puddle. Then the floor can be scrubbed with a scrubbing brush to remove accumulated dirt in the embossed/wood grain surface texture. Once done, wipe the floor surface with clean, if possible, hot water, until all accumulated dirt residue has been removed. Always avoid puddles.

Important to note:

The flooring is installed using the “Floating floor system”, i.e. without adhesive bonding to the screed. It is, therefore, impossible to tell how much moisture can egress through the joints/between individual flooring planks. In light of this it is important to ensure that damp micro mops are used and avoid excessive wetting and puddling. Should your flooring be flooded have the product uplifted carefully, dry the screed/sub-floor and floor panels and re install.

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