3 reasons why we chose AGT and why you should too

AGT is an internationally recognised leader in the production of interior wood products and wood laminate flooring. The company complies with international standards of trading within the wood laminate sector, including being certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for the sustainability of materials.

Why we chose AGT

AGT has an international footprint, exporting from its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Turkey across the globe to over 60 stores across 5 continents. The company was founded in 1984 and has grown from strength to strength. AGT embraces three core tenets within its business model: it values people, prizes innovation and considers its impact on the environment. We chose AGT because their philosophy of doing business is close to our hearts.

    • AGT is people focused

      People are one of the driving principles behind the company’s core ethos. AGT puts people first through every aspect of its product and service. The company prioritises health throughout all of its processes from raw materials through production, from the occupational health and safety of its employee base to the health and satisfaction of its end users. Valuing people includes valuing company stakeholders and extends to the after-sales service and the technical support that is offered on each and every one of its products. Giving value to people is what has helped this company grow to an industrial force numbering over 1000 people.

    • AGT is development and quality focused

      AGT maintain their superior positioning by placing extreme importance on product and process innovation. AGT strive to offer the best solution to any challenge, and back it up with a 100% quality guarantee. The company is in constant research and development and continually improving production techniques to stay in line with cutting edge, world-class technology. Today, AGT own 327 product-based trademarks and 19 patents, a clear indication of their focus on staying ahead of the curve.

    • AGT care about the planet

      AGT sees leaving a livable, clean world to the next generation as its duty.

      AGT as a business remains future-focused, which involves considering the future of the planet for future generations to come. Their environmental policy is to comply with all laws and regulations to protect the environment and ensure its sustainability. The company aims to reduce its carbon footprint and keep its impact on the environment under control, striving to reduce its effect on the environment by continuously improving its environmental performance.

      AGT is a global leader in ethical business, valuing people, performance and the planet at the heart of everything they do: the triple bottom line. Finfloor chose AGT as these core principles resonate with us as a company, and so we have put our stamp of approval on the following AGT Flooring ranges 

Bella Neo Anemon


AC3 / W31

1200 x 191 x 8mm

Square edge



AC4 / W32

1200 x 191 x 8mm




AC5 / W33

1195 x 1989 x 12mm


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