Choosing the Best Flooring for your Hotel

Diamond Core Matrix Opal

Developers are always on the lookout for new innovative flooring technology that offers increased durability without compromising on exquisite design. The latest trend to hit the hospitality market is a vinyl floor tile with a rock-solid interior core that offers hoteliers greater resilience and shrugs off even the heaviest foot traffic and still looks good as new.

Diamond Core vinyl is a stone-plastic composite, meaning that the inner core of the boards is moulded in a calcium-carbonate material infused with limestone, resulting in a rigid floorboard that is able to shake off water, bounce back from the heat and retain its good looks for years. Owing to new manufacturing techniques, Diamond Core SPC has also come into the market at a very affordable price, so not only does it outperform other types of vinyl, it is more durable and performs better in more adverse conditions as well.

Hotel developers and renovators have a handful of considerations when choosing the optimal floor for their new establishment.

  1. Will it suit the environment?
  2. Will it last?
  3. Is it safe?
  4. Is there a guarantee?

Will it suit the environment?

  • Diamond Core SPC flooring is extremely resistant to heat, it can withstand the temperature fluctuations from -3℃ up to 50℃. Added to that and owing to its make-up and construction, the floor is also 100% waterproof making Diamond Core flooring a great option for anywhere in South Africa, and any interior area of your hotel.
  • Diamond Core SPC is perfectly suited to any room of your hotel. Its durability lends itself well to being installed in a lobby or reception area, and its water-resistance makes it a great option for the dining room. SPC vinyl handles direct sunlight so it can work in the sunroom, and of course, its stylish appearance makes it a favourite for guest rooms.

Will it last?

  • Diamond Core boasts dimensional stability of 4 times more than any other competitor vinyl tile on the market.
  • Thanks to its rigid core, the tiles are impact and indentation resistant, adding years to its life in a commercial environment.
  • Diamond Core SPC also has enhanced protection against scuffs and abrasions with a tough, transparent wear layer with an enhanced ceramic bead finish.
  • The high-density core makes Diamond Core SPC extremely durable with the added bonus of being easy to clean and low maintenance.

Will it look good?

  • In keeping with a modern flooring trend, Diamond Core planks are available in extra length and are wider than most other planks allowing the beauty of the wood print to show through more strikingly.
  • The high definition visuals and rich surface textures give a natural appearance.
  • Diamond Core SPC is extremely stain resistant, allowing the floors to retain their beauty for longer.
  • Owing to the impenetrable, hygienic finish of the floor tiles, cleaning is quick, and rooms can be turned down in a matter of minutes.
  • Should there be any damage to the floor, the affected boards are easy to lift and replace, and repairs can take place without affecting business as usual.
  • Not only is it stylish and trendy, but Diamond Core flooring can improve the auditory environment as well – a foam underlay improves sound absorption and sound dissipation for a quieter footfall.

Is it safe?

  • Diamond Core is manufactured without the use of formaldehyde, making it a perfectly safe choice for installation in your hotel.
  • The product has undergone strict international testing and has been certified as 100% recyclable and 100% plasticiser-free.
  • Each plank is finished with a product that inhibits the growth of surface mould and mildew while discouraging the growth of hidden mould beneath the floor. The floor is both easier to maintain and is safer for hotel staff and guests by offering improved indoor air quality.
  • Diamond Core vinyl flooring is also better for the Earth. It is made from recyclable and renewable materials and goes through a lower-emission manufacturing process that requires less energy.

Is it guaranteed?

  • Provided that the warranty conditions have been met (this requirement is largely satisfied by having a professional installer fit your floor), Diamond Core SPC Vinyl comes with a 10-year warranty for general commercial use.
  • Since Finfloor has outlived its oldest warranty of 25 years, you can rest assured that if any defect, due to product failure, in your floor arises, we will gladly replace the affected boards/floor, with the same or similar for you.

Diamond Core luxury vinyl tiles are not only the best vinyl on the market but a perfect solution for hotel lobbies, guest rooms, dining areas and lounges owing to its extreme performance under all conditions. Because it does so well in both hot and wet climates, Diamond Core has become a popular choice across South East Asia, Latin America and Australasia, it certainly has the right composition for a South Africa climate which is more temperate.

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Diamond Core – Matrix Opal

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Diamond Core – Black diamond

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