Get your installers prepared for load shedding

Load shedding solutions

No power, No problem!

Over the next few months we can expect load shedding to continue in various parts of the country. Don’t let No power stop your installation teams from completing their jobs, “#shedhappens“!

We offer 2 laminate and vinyl floor cutters that do not require power. So you will be able to continue with fittings and installations. These tools should be a standard in the back of your installers bakkie.

Mini Guillotine LD215

Dcut- LD215 mini guillotine
d cut ld215

Mini cutter ideal for cutting laminate flooring, fiber board and fiber cement board with a steel base and flat 5mm thick steel blade that makes 215 mm cuts on floor planks with one cut.

  • No Dust or Noise
  • Free Angle Cuts
  • Lengthwise Cutting
  • “L” Cutting
  • No Electricity Required

Product information

Blade Cutting Length: 215mm
Blade Thickness: 5 mm 
Shape Cutting: Yes
Angle Cutting: Yes
Lengthwise Cutting: Yes
Max. Thickness Cutting: 10 mm
Width of Plank Cutting: 150, 200, 300 (mm)
Package Size: 388 × 121 × 104 (mm)
weight: 4.7 kg

Large guillotine LX080

D cut 080
D-cut LX080

Our large guillotine is for cutting laminate, engineered wood and vinyl flooring. The LX080 comes with a steel base, a sharp 3mm thick tungsten steel blade which can be sharpened and replaced, provides an easy and clean-edge cutting on above mentioned materials.

  • No Dust
  • No Noise
  • 0-45°Cutting
  • No Electricity Required

Product information

Blade Cutting Length: 220 mm
Blade Thickness: 3 mm Thick Sharp Blade
“L” Shape Cutting: No
Angle Cutting: 0° and 45°
Lengthwise Cutting: No
Max. Thickness Cutting: 10-16 mm 
Width of Plank Cutting: 215 mm 
Package Size: 473 × 267 × 72 (mm)
Gross Weight: 6.35 kg 


Don’t let loadshedding negatively impact your business. In order to get prepared for load shedding we stock the above flooring guillotines / floor cutters. Contact your sales Representative to get your today.
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