Six most commons reasons for LVT Vinyl installation failures

  1. Direct Sunlight – The installed flooring must be protected from direct sunlight as the floor will expand more in these exposed areas;
  2. Correct expansion gaps provided around all fixed objects (door frames, walls, door stops, Trelli doors);
  3. Do not glue or silicone your profiles down; use a base track, or a drill down profile;
  4. Do not use filler or silicone around door frames or under skirting, should be able to slide unencumbered, a 0.10mm feeler gauge between the floor and the finishing profiles/skirting/quarter round.
  5. Acclimatize flooring for 24/48 hours prior to installing & pin stacked in the installation area;
  6. Seal concrete/screed with a moisture barrier (Pekay, Qualichem, Fin-Lay – 2mm or EVA – 120 Micron Virgin Plastic).
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