Orange is the new black – FINIXPE underlay

Orange IXPE underlay

The next generation of “Floating Floor” underlay, FINIXPE underlay is here.

What is IXPE?

IXPE stands for Irradiated Cross-Linked Polyethylene. It is a premium acoustical underlay made up of sound dampening high performance cross-linked foam, with an overlapping vapour barrier of 80 micron HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), for extra moisture protection at the joints.

IXPE foam is produced by cross-linking polyethylene through irradiation. This process changes the molecular structure of the foam. The extra fine foam offers advanced moisture protection, stops any impurities leeching from the screed through the joints into the floor above and at the same time acts as a shock absorber. 

The material in itself is totally non-toxic and odourless and does not contain any toxic auxiliary agents in the make-up.

FINIXPE underlay is resistant against mold & mildew, with excellent Anti-crush technology for better performance over a greater life span, and with very good memory retention, which will contribute to the continued performance of your floor over many years of use.

Why do we need to use an underlay, besides having that comfy feeling underfoot?

  1. Enhanced Sound Absorption: One of the primary benefits of using an IXPE underlay is that it provides excellent sound absorption. The foam material absorbs impact sound, reducing the noise of footsteps and other sounds in the room, making it an excellent choice for multi-level homes or buildings.

  2. Moisture Resistance: IXPE foam is highly resistant to moisture and does not absorb water. This makes it ideal for use in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, where moisture levels may be higher.

  3. Enhanced Comfort: The IXPE foam material provides an additional layer of cushioning underfoot, making the floor more comfortable to walk on and reducing foot fatigue.

  4. Thermal Insulation: IXPE foam has good thermal insulation properties, which can help keep the room warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, reducing the energy consumption of your heating and cooling systems.

  5. Protection of the Flooring: An IXPE underlay can provide a protective layer between the subfloor and the laminate or engineered wood flooring, reducing the risk of damage caused by subfloor irregularities, moisture, and other factors.

IXPE underlay is essential for flooring installations because it provides sound and moisture absorption, enhances comfort, offers thermal insulation, and protects the flooring from damage. By using an IXPE underlay, you can improve the performance and longevity of your laminate or engineered wood flooring, making it a worthwhile investment.


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