Projects showcasing the versatility of FINOAK wooden flooring

Finfloor offer a variety of hardwood floors, wall and ceiling solutions. Whether you are using Finoak flooring in a commercial or residential installation – we have a range of unfinished and pre-finished wood solutions to suit your location requirements, the interior designer’s brief and the client’s budget.

We have simplified the purchasing process for homeowners and architects, by offering them quality products from reputable manufacturers that we have long-standing relationships with. We only stock and supply products that perform well in South African climatic conditions and are versatile and durable enough to be used in a variety of applications.

Our durable and high-performing Finoak flooring has been showcased in Luxury homes, shops, restaurant and used for more than just flooring.   

Here are some of the top reasons why;

  • Oak wood flooring contributes to healthier indoor air quality because the floors do not absorb dust particles and pollutants
  • Oak wood flooring has timeless aesthetic appeal – Finoak is the foundation for the luxurious interiors people want in their homes and the beautiful spaces they visit when out on-the-town spoiling themselves at restaurants and other up-market venues
  • Engineered Oak floors are easily maintained – Only require regular sweeping to remove dust and particles, and spills need to be dried immediately to avoid marking

Let’s take a look at some recent project showcases, to see how trendy new restaurants and commercial applications are using Finoaks variety of planks, grades and finishes to complete their luxury spaces;



Hyde park an upmarket clothing store fits clear grade Finoak throughout their store. A classic look that can withstand the heavy traffic of a popular retail shop.

Finoak flooring in Witchery

Finoak flooring in Witchery


Solo restaurant Sandton, a new trendy restaurant in Sandton uses Finoak, Rustic Oak flooring to clad the walls, seating benches and bathrooms.

SAHO Feature Home

Luxury SA Home owner featured home uses a mix of Herringbone and traditional Finoak flooring to create a unique and inviting home.

herringbone wood flooring in a modern country home

Planks come in a variety of options;

  • FINOak Herringbone Multilayer Core – 1 strip
    Rustic Grade, Smooth Finish
    930 x 150 x 14/3mm
  • FINOak HDF Core – 1 Strip
    Rustic Grade, Wire-Brushed Finish 
    1210 x 192 x 10/2mm,
  • FINOak RUSTIC grade, 3-ply Core – 1 strip,
    Rustic Grade, Smooth fished
    1900 x 190 x 15/4mm,
    2200 x 220 x 15/4mm,
    2200 x 260 x 15/4mm,
  • FINOak Clear grade, 3-ply Core – 1 strip
    Clear Grade, Smooth finish
    1900 x 190 x 15/4mm,

The final choice is yours!

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