Maintenance Instruction on Finoak pre-finished flooring

wood en flooring maintenance

You have purchased a high quality wooden floor with a formaldehyde free, lacquered finish, which is ready for installation & will not require any special treatment directly after installation. What you must be aware of, is, that even pre-finished wooden floors will naturally wear out; therefore some regular maintenance is required to protect & preserve its surface.

  • Please ensure that an ideal room climate with about 45-60% Air Humidity & 20°C is provided. This climate is good for both your health as well as for the well-being of the parquet floor.
  • The best way of preserving the surface of the wood is a protective treatment before its first use. Using adequate wood polishes material (e.g. Bona Wood Polish, with wax content) & polish the floor surface with just a thin film of the wood polish. This procedure should be repeated every 8 to 10 weeks.
  • If a solvent free polish product is used, a mixture of this material with water in a 1:10 ratio. Use this mixture carefully in order to avoid the floor becoming wet. Do not fail to observe the manufacturer’s instructions prior to using their product on your floor. Depending on the rate of pedestrian traffic on the floor, maintenance may have to be done more often in line with the traffic intensity
  • Daily cleaning should be done with either a vacuum cleaner or smooth soft broom or rubber broom. Any sand or dirt should be immediately removed because they can cause scratches & damage the floor surface.
  • Whenever necessary, the floor surface can also be cleaned with a Damp cloth or a special polish to remove stains, grease, shoe tracks etc. NEVER use the traditional wax or steel wool on your lacquer-finished parquet floor.
  • It is highly recommended that you affix some felt pads under any furniture bases or chair legs etc. to protect the floor surface. For the entrance of e.g. Boutiques, Halls, Corridors etc. a good floor mat is also recommended & will be very useful to help preserve your floor.
  • Additional lacquering is not recommended for your ready-made finished parquet floor. In case of any damage on the lacquer surface (e.g. by furniture movement etc.) smoothen the affected area with a 120 to 150-grit sandpaper, followed by touch-lacquering the damaged area. It is advisable to test the lacquer material used on some hidden surface or corner of the floor beforehand, to be able to judge the expected results first.
  • Wood is a living material that swells if their moisture or humidity levels are raised & also shrinks if their moisture or humidity is lowered. These not only show that this is a natural product, but can also lead to some irreversible deformation of the floor in the event that the room climate & humidity is left too high or low for an extended period of time. This can particularly happen if e.g. – in the wintertime – the humidity (RH) in a heated room goes below the specified 45%. In this case you should install an Air Humidifier in order to prevent damages to your floor. The same may also be necessary with an Air Conditioned room.