Finally, A Vinyl Floor That’s Just For Your Home

Sapphire SPC residential flooring

Homeowners can celebrate as Finfloor introduces Sapphire RCB Vinyl, a rigid core board vinyl product that is made especially for residential flooring. Sapphire Vinyl comes in a beautiful antique wood finish with a 4-sided micro-bevel, creating a small indentation between planks to give it a tile-like finish. The best part is that Sapphire Vinyl is priced for the budget-conscious homeowner or renovator, making it the obvious solution when re-flooring your home.

Sapphire Vinyl planks house a durable stone plastic composite core, making these tiles perfect for the wear and tear of daily living. The colour range is inspired by semi-precious stones and is available in Crystal, Morganite, Jonquil, Garnet, Pacific Opal, Coral Sand, Topaz, Citrine and Smokey Quartz. Plank dimensions: 5,5 x 184 x1230mm, one box covers 1.81 square meters.

2022 new colours

These rigid core vinyl boards are 100% waterproof from topical water and perfect for bathrooms and kitchens as they easily shrug off water without any residual damage. Installation is easy and can be done by yourself, or if you’re not the DIY type, professional services are available to help. Sapphire Vinyl is fitted as a floating floor, meaning it can be installed over virtually any flat surface with little to no sub-floor preparation. The installation follows an easy, click installation method and requires no glue.

Not only is it suitable for wet rooms, your bedroom, lounge and dining room can also benefit from this striking, and affordable, flooring solution. Highly resistant to abrasion and handles soft-wheeled castor chairs without exhibiting any wear or indentation and is therefore perfect for your home office or study.

Finfloor stands by a 20-year residential warranty, underpinned by the fact that this product has met and exceeded all quality assurance at an international level. Sapphire Vinyl holds an ISO14001 certificate and is proven to be dimensionally stable, passing and even surpassing international requirements in testing. Although dimensionally stable, also flexible and shows no cracks when placed under duress.

Sapphire Vinyl is extremely slip-resistant and colourfast, so can tolerate the harsh African sun that beats down on your floor in the sunroom. Using 100% virgin materials, this product is healthy and eco-friendly making it safe for you and the environment, and in rigorous international testing emits no formaldehyde on destruction.

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