Benefits of 12mm laminate flooring

effect altay Lust restaurant

Benefits of 12mm laminate flooring

Laminate flooring comes in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 6 – 12mm. The thickness of a laminate floor is the distance between the base board and the top of the plank. This thickness  and core density, in combination, effect the aesthetics of your flooring as well as the durability,acoustic values and lifespan of the boards.

1. Impact resistant

A good quality 12mm plank is more impact resistance than that of10 or 8mm planks. Sharp items that accidentally fall on the thicker boards will have little to no effect on it, making a 12mm laminate ideal for high trafficked areas.

2. Superior Acoustics

A thicker plank provides superior acoustics, as each extra mm of thickness increase the sound absorption levels. The denser and thicker hdf core provide negligible sound transfer through the plank. Partner this with a quality IXPE, our acoustic underlay and your floor will be quieter underfoot.

3. Improved aesthetics with better embossing

Heavier, thicker, and more dense planks are easier to carve more intricate designs into and deeper embossing can be achieved. Take AGT effect as an example, now in a 12mm planks it comes with a true to nature 3D embossed surface finish, that feels and looks more natural.

4. Hides imperfections

12mm flooring installation is far more forgiving, as the 12mm planks will hide the sub-floor imperfections and therefore make installation more forgiving

5. Durability

Laminate flooring is a cost-effective flooring option. Choosing a thicker floor will be pricier as more materials are used in the manufacture of a plank but a thicker plank will also last longer. A denser and thicker HDF core offers more stability and strength through the plank. Top off these luxury planks with the highest possible Fit for use commercial rating W33/AC5 (abrasion class) and you have a tough strong commercial grade laminate, (Effect AC5) that is suitable for heavy commercial use.

12mm laminate Project showcase

effect altay Lust restaurant
effect altay Lust restaurant
Effect AC5 12mm laminate

it’s for these reasons above and many more that Lust Bistro in Cape town, installed Effect throughout their new bistro!

In conclusion, a 12-mm laminate plank, is the ultimate in achieving the most authentic wood flooring feeling underfoot.

Finfloor offers 3, luxury 12mm laminate flooring ranges.

Authentic herringbone logo
Oak authentic herringbone


AC4 12mm laminate flooring range, available in 6 colours

black forest logo
Maplewood mist holiday home laminate flooring


AC4 12mm laminate flooring range, available in 6 colours

AGT Effect logo


AC5 12mm laminate flooring range, available in 8 colours


Select one of these luxury ranges for your next flooring installation, taking into consideration your lifestyle, maintenance and the function.

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