10 reasons to buy Finfloor Laminates

  1. FINfloor™ products are surfaced with Anti-abrasive protective overlay, for improved scratch, chip and dent resistance.
  2. FINfloor™ planks with a Wax impregnated core offers greater water resistance
  3. FINfloor™ products are backed with a balancing film for added dimensional stability.
  4. FINfloor™ products have a lifetime warranty against Termites.
  5. FINfloor™ core materials are made of Superior Water Resistant tropical hardwood and conifer fibres, which are 5 times more water resistant than normal HDF. (Thickness swelling test between 8% -10%)
  6. FINfloor™ Average board Density greater than 880/890 kg/m3 (makes for more Dimensional Stability under changing climatic conditions)
  7. FINfloor™ Each plank is edged with Wax edge protection for improved water resistance, speedier installation and prevention of creaking noises.
  8. FINfloor™ products are Backed up by a company that has been selling laminate floors for 19 years
  9. FINfloor™ Offers with a numbered warranty card
  10. FINfloor™ laminate floors are SAWLFA approved/accredited.

Above only applicable to Finfloor Inovar & Black Forest Laminate Ranges

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