Why buy wood flooring from Woodline Parquetry

  1. The solid engineered wood flooring can be sanded 3 times in its lifetime
  2. Woodline Parquetry wood flooring has a Licensed 5G Valinge glue less locking system, for extra joint strength. Is installed as a floating floor system, no glueing down, minimal screed preparation, quick installation turn around, very strong joint strength +/- 1000kgs/lin.m.
  3. The planks can easily be taken apart once laid for repairs
  4. Good dimensional stability due to cross lamination construction of the panels & use of Hevea core
  5. Rubber wood is of similar density as Oak, hence it is stable and does not have the propensity to want to change dimensionally – High Dimensional Stability.
  6. Close and narrow pores- limit the pick and discharge of the moisture hence less tendency for any dimensional movement.
  7. Environmentally friendly, uses only legally harvested species. Greater yield of flooring as opposed to solid wood panels.
  8. Water Proofing When our engineered floor is installed properly, the customer can be assured of a certain level of waterproofing should any spills or mistakes occur on the surface of the floor. The joins are designed to be well flushed that will not allow any spillage or moisture to seep in through the joins. Any moisture pooling (E.g. pet urination) or accidental spillage can be quickly mopped up and cleaned.
  9. Latest manufacturing procedures to ensure minimal material wastage, increased quality & constant development in the processes to increase quality standards.
  10. Just by the weight of one plank, the customer can feel it is a stable product. Our high density Hevea core provides the necessary backbone to a long lasting floor.
  11. Our products come with a 25 year residential warranty and a 5 year commercial warranty against any technical and manufacturing defects. Our warranty covers any manufacturing defects including de-lamination, machining and top coat defects.
  12. Woodline Parquetry – offers you a Lifetime Structural Warranty.
  13. Variety of species & finishes available.