AGT Effect upgrade to AC5, 12mm thickness


With the huge success of Black forest 12mm laminate flooring and the popular colours offered in the Effect range, we realised there was a clear gap in the market for an AC5/W33 commercial grade floor. We have through using the latest innovations in technology improved the Abrasion Class rating of the Effect range and now exclusively import it in a AC5/W33-V4, 12mm thick Commercial grade floor. This will meet the requirements the most discerning clients.

Effect AC5

What is an AC5 rating?

The AC (Abrasion Coefficient) rating is based on a grading standard from AC1- AC6 that indicates a laminate floors greater resistance to abrasion which in turn contributes to the greater durability.

However, the testing carried out includes many different test which fall under the W33 classification, of which the graded fit for use rating of W33/AC5 is one of the highest performance ratings tests/classification, making the product fit for use in heavy traffic applications, e.g. Departmental stores, Hotel lobbies, busy restaurants and large corporate traffic areas.

Why does a 12mm thick floor matter?

The thickness of the laminate flooring is another consideration when selecting the right product. The now thicker 12mm Effect laminate offers improved acoustic qualities, better stability and strength. So with a little extra cost, our thicker 12mm Effect laminate is definitely worth the cost. It’s also the better option if your subfloor isn’t as sturdy, such as an old suspended wood subfloor.

Effect 12mm premium AC5 commercial flooring

Overall Effect AC5 flooring improvements include:

  1. Fit for Use AC5/W33 Heavy Commercial Rating
  2. 12mm thick plank that is durable, abrasion, scratch and impact resistant
  3. Improved product warranty to a 25 year heavy domestic and 5 year heavy commercial warranty
  4. Increased board density 900- 950 kg/m
  5. Antimicrobial top face.
  6. 3D deep EIR realistic wood texture
  7. Unilin L2c locking system with paraffin waxed tongue
  8. Neutral and natural tones.
  9. Extremely durable
  10. Low maintenance and easy to clean
  11. Ideal for High trafficked areas, and and most commercial applications

Download Effect AC5 12mm specification sheet here [480kb]

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