Laminate flooring checklist

laminate flooring checklist

Every laminate flooring installation requires a few tools and other materials to complete a successful installation. While you are at the shops we recommend you stock up on the laminate care products to make sure you flooring installation remains in good condition for years to come.

Save yourself time and money on repeat trips back to the shop, by checking that you have all of the below material before you leave.

  • The flooring of you choice, make sure you have chose a laminate flooring that is suitable for its intended use, commercial and residential grade with a suitable wear class.
  • Underlay – Underlay is required for EVERY laminate installation, spend money and time research the quality underlays
  • Tools, you can purchase a laminate flooring toolkit but at a glance you will need
    • tapping block
    • soft rubber mallet
    • tape
    • saw for cutting
    • spacers
  • Silicone and fillers, for in a colour matching the floors you have selected
  • Colour matching profiles, and skirtings for finishing your installation

Laminate check list

laminate flooring checklist
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Laminate care products you will require

  • Felt pads, remember to place felt pads under the chairs and feet of all furniture to stop these sharp corners , scratching and damaging you floor over time
  • Cleaning equipment, laminate flooring is a very low maintenance flooring solution and all you require to keep your floors in mint condition is a micro-fibre mop, vacuum cleaner or a soft bristle broom 
  • Dirt trapping mat, we strongly recommend a quality dirt trapping mat is used at the entrances to rooms to make sure the debris remains outside of your home, THis will save you on maintenance and stop this scratchy dirt be spread all over you floor.
    • NOTE – rubber back mats should not be place directly over vinyl installations as the rubber has a chemical reaction with the floor and over time can discolour the wear layer.
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