Sapphire 2022 New colours

Sapphire new colours

Sapphire Vinyl flooring has been so well received in the South African market, that we are introducing 3 new colours to the range this year. We will be discontinuing Coral Sands and now have available Crystal, Morganite and Jonquil.

These Sapphire Vinyl planks come in a beautiful antique wood finish with a 4-sided micro-bevel, creating a small indentation between planks to give it a tile-like finish.

Manufactured with a durable and rigid, virgin Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) core and a 1mm mildew resistant IXPE underlay that is attached to the underside of the plank make for quick and easy installation.

Topped with high quality digitally printed wood replications and a SUPER UV Protect top coat that increases the wear, stain and scratch resistance of the finished floor.

Plank dimensions: 1230 x 184 x 5,5mm, one box covers 1.81 square meters.

FINovation – The advantage of a Super UV wear Layer include

  • EXTRA stain resistance, with a double layer of Super UV protection coating maintenance is quick and easy as stains like tomato sauce, tea, coffee and wine just wipe away.
  • Ceramic bead technology that is incorporated into the UV layer, makes the surface very hardy against marking and far more scratch resistant than normal UV coatings.
  • Increased resistance against floor fading. Although no flooring material on the South Africa market is fade proof, some products are better designed and equipped. Sapphire vinyl flooring is Graded 6 on the Blue Wool scale, however, it is still recommended that the flooring surface be protected during the hottest period of the day by closing the blinds or curtains and that UV window film protection be installed where the UV rays are greater.

Why we recommend Sapphire vinyl flooring?

Formaldehyde mainly comes from all kinds of adhesives or glue. The main components and production process of RCB/SPC flooring determines its environmental performance. RCB/SPC flooring mainly uses polyvinyl chloride and natural limestone powder, one-time heating, extruded, embossed production process, without any adhesives or glue from raw materials through to production in the manufacturing processes, RCB/SPC flooring does not contain formaldehyde, benzene, heavy metals and other harmful substances.

Sapphire is water-proof from topical moisture

RCB flooring is made of PVC and natural lime powder, which are 100% waterproof from topical water, and can stay totally immersed in water safely for at least 24 hours. So you don’t have to worry about the floor being damp, mildewed or deformed. Sapphire RCB flooring can be used in every room of your house, including bathrooms and kitchens.

Sapphire vinyl flooring has excellent dimensional stability

When compared with LVT, WPC, one of the biggest breakthroughs from RCB/SPC flooring is its dimensional stability.  RCB flooring exhibits superior performance when it comes to extreme temperature changes due to the dense core of RCB flooring being more resistant to expansion and contraction.

Sapphire vinyl flooring is durable

RCB floors are processed from PVC and a large amount of limestone powder, they have a dense core, which makes them more resistant to damage caused by impact or heavy objects.

Sapphire offers quick and easy installation 

With an easy click lock system, No glue or nails are required for installation.
+ Plus this locking system also makes it easy to disassemble.

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