5 reasons why you should choose a SAWLFA accredited dealer

SAWLFA accredited

The industry is awash with unskilled competitors who are, unfortunately, not adequately trained in the proper installation of wood laminates. As a consumer it is extremely important to choose a SAWLFA accredited wood laminate specialist in order to make sure your floors are fitted correctly and will ensure their warranty period is covered. SAWLFA is the South African Wood Laminate and Flooring Association, and was established to act as a unified voice in the wood laminate sector of the flooring industry in South Africa. Here are 5 good reasons why you need to choose SAWLFA accredited dealers and installers.


  1. SAWLFA products adhere to strict standards

    Wood laminates and flooring accredited by SAWLFA adhere to strict South African and European standards, including environmental concerns such as eco-friendliness and sustainability in the face of deforestation at a global level.

    SAWLFA monitors wood laminates, solid and engineered wood and vinyl flooring, making sure that SAWLFA accredited brands do not contain any hazardous materials such as Formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals, which may pose a risk to your home and family.

  2. Consumer protection

    As a consumer of wood laminates, it’s good to know that you have some sort of recourse when dealing with a SAWLFA accredited dealer and installation expert. On the flip side, if you choose to use a non-accredited trader, you run the risk of not having an ombudsman in the case of shoddy workmanship.

    In addition to that, you can find resources centre on the SAWFLA website that promotes consumer education. This resources page contains information about upcoming seminars, informational advertising, frequently asked questions and more information on laminates, wooden and vinyl flooring in order to understand more about product specifications and specified installation procedures.

  3. Industry accredited installation practice

    There are different levels of membership with SAWFLA, the most basic of which includes passing an examination on the correct installation procedure. These “installer members” will hold a badge with which you can tell an accredited member/company from a non-accredited member/company. Using an accredited member/company for your installation will give you peace of mind that installations are being done according to the specifications of your chosen product. Other levels of membership accommodate for the sales and importing of SAWFLA accredited products.

  4. Complaints procedure

    In the unlikely event that there may be a complaint with a SAWLFA accredited trader, you as the consumer have a documented procedure which you can follow in order to take the matter up with the Association. SAWLFA will try to find resolution to the problem by assisting you with guidelines and an approach to tackle the issue. SAWLFA offers inspections, and should it be ruled that an accredited provider is at fault for a sub-optimal installation, SAWLFA would expect its member to repair/make good the fault, at their cost, plus be responsible for the SAWLFA inspection fee.

  5. SAWFLA offers its members resources

    SAWLFA offers its members resources around installation best practice and products by way of video and downloads which are available on login to the SAWLFA website, and are only accessible once a company has become a member of the South African Wood Laminate Flooring Association.

A list of SAWLFA associated members can be found on the SAWLFA website, which customers in the market for new flooring are encouraged to use these associated members for the above reasons. To be positive and have piece of mind about your flooring and installation choice, we strongly recommend checking references and referrals through happy customers online and on social media.

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