How to claim for damaged stock

how to claim for damaged flooring stock

What to do do if my stock is damaged in transit, or some of the boxes I received are damaged?

Not to worry, in order to make life easier for you we have implemented a quick 3 step claims process.
In order to claim against damaged stock and have your stock replaced timeously, please claim within 48 hours of receiving the stock, complete and send the following 3 items to

Claims procedure-

  1. Send a written confirmation via email to
  2. Copy of waybill attached to email
  3. Photo of damaged stock attached to the email

To streamline our business process, we have implemented a claims mailbox to manage and address stock claims going forward. This claims address will record and attend to all your damaged stock claims. We have a 24 hour reply policy so be rest assured we will attend to your claim as a priority.

What is damaged stock?

Damaged stock is any stock that is unusable for installation. The lip, locking system or planks is damaged and can not / must not be installed.

What do I do if the flooring gets damaged or fails at a later stage, years down the line?

Your product is guaranteed by a manufacturer’s warranty. If at any point your floor doesn’t perform under the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty you can claim for product failure by:

  1. Completing a warranty card on purchase of you floor. These are product specific and can be found here – warranty cards
  2. Email your warranty card to
  3. Complete a warranty claim application form when you need to claim and email it to

If at a later stage your floor is damaged through wear and tear and or customer abuse, any floor with a click locking systems allows for the floor to easily be undone to the point of the damaged planks, and the damaged plank replaced. This replacement can be done by one of preferred distributors, but will be for the clients expense.

Buy with peace of mind from a leading flooring supplier that has been distributing quality flooring throughout South Africa for over 20 years.

Sourced from reputable suppliers with long standing business relationships. We have outlived our original warranties.

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