4 Benefits of Installing Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a wooden style flooring composed of multiple layers which are fused together in a lamination process. In the United States, laminate flooring is also referred to as a floating wood tile because the tiles or planks can be installed over a sub-floor without requiring that it be fixed to the base floor. This makes installing laminate flooring achievable for a DIY home-owner. There are several reasons that make laminate flooring an excellent choice for your home or commercial building.

  1. Laminate flooring is durable

    Laminate flooring is more durable than hardwood owing to its unique construction. Finfloor laminate wooden flooring is made up of three layers:
    laminate flooring composition

    • A base layer acts to stabilise the structure and prevent natural warping
    • A HDF resin impregnated core gives the laminate plank its outstanding durability and wearability
    • A protective overlay is laminated over the décor layer to improve the wearability/abrasion resistance

    This unique structure is what gives laminate wood flooring its long-lasting appeal. With the proper care, laminate flooring can withstand high-volume traffic and display little to no wear and tear. Laminate flooring is even more durable than hardwood, and substantially more cost effective.

    Finfloor laminates for domestic use come standard with a 10-25 year graded fit-for-use warranty and laminate flooring for commercial use comes with a five-year graded fit for use warranty.

  2. Laminate flooring is hygienic

    Laminate flooring is hygienic
    Laminate flooring is hygienic

    Laminate flooring is outstandingly easy to clean since it requires no harsh chemicals that could be potentially harmful to you and your family, not to mention the environment. The way to keep your laminate flooring in top nick is to sweep up any loose dirt and grit to prevent surface-scratching. Water should be used sparingly, since too much moisture and pooling can affect the level of your floor.

    Laminate floors are dust-resistant, therefore unlike carpet which is a breeding ground for dust-mites, your laminate repels dust-seeking bugs and is more hygienic than woven pile carpets. Whereas hardwood flooring requires very specialised care, laminate flooring is a cinch to maintain. Installing laminates to your home offers busy parents a double bonus: your family will benefit from the hypoallergenic quality, and heavy-duty time-consuming maintenance is not necessary.

  3. Laminate flooring installs easily

    easy to install laminate flooring
    easy to install laminate flooring

    Laminate flooring can be installed on any even surface with very little preparation to the subfloor. The floor is floating, meaning that it does not attach to the below surface, allowing natural expansion and contraction that comes from changes in temperature and environmental moisture content. An innovative tongue-an-groove system allows the planks to click together and interlocks the entire floor as a singular unit.

    Laminate flooring is easy to install and can be done by any DIY-oriented homeowner, further reducing the cost. Finfloor offers bi-annual installation workshops and training to anyone who is interested in learning about the proper installation methods of laminate flooring. For more information about our training sessions, email Sasha@Finfloor.co.za or view our training blog for 2019.

    For commercial property managers, and homeowners who would like a professional installation, Finfloor has trusted installation partners who will take care of the process every step of the way.

  4. Laminate flooring is stylish

    No matter what your style and taste, there is a laminate for you. Finfloor laminates are offered in 4 different types, depending on the end use and the desired style of the flooring required. Black Forest laminate is the thickest, longest and widest plank on the market. Both Inovar and AGT Nature line are available with a V-groove which emphasises the lay pattern. Like all the flooring available through Finfloor, the Supreme range comes in a variety of colours to match any interior look and feel. For more about what trends are in winter, read more about Winter Interior Trends on our blog.

    Laminate flooring has a host of benefits. This cost-effective option for your home is guaranteed to be long-wearing, and to suit your personal style and preferences, at the same time as being easy to maintain and safe for the whole family.

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